Are you tired of looking like a hot mess on the beach? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Well, actually, your beach coverup has got you covered, but you get the point. Here are some tips on how to wash your beach coverup:

Check the care label. You know what they say, always read the label before washing! Unless you want to end up with a shrunken and discolored coverup, then by all means, go ahead and skip this step.

Wash it on a delicate cycle. Your beach coverup is delicate, just like that fine china that you never use. So, treat it with care and wash it on a delicate cycle.

Wash it in cold water. Your coverup is hot enough, so give it a break and wash it in cold water. Hot water will only make it more wrinkly than a raisin.

Use a mild detergent. Avoid harsh detergents or bleach unless you're trying to give your coverup a punk rock look. But if that's the case, we suggest adding some safety pins and Doc Martens to complete the outfit.

Air dry it. If you want to avoid a fashion disaster, don't even think about putting your beach coverup in the dryer. The heat will make it look like a miniature version of what it used to be.

Spot clean stains immediately. If you spill something on your beach coverup, don't wait until it becomes a permanent accessory. Spot clean it immediately before it turns into a "what was I thinking?" moment. Tide wipes or even baby wipes are great to have on hand for a quick cleanup. 

Steam it. If you are feeling fancy or headed to a fun beach party, the best way to get your coverup looking just perfect is to steam to get any wrinkles out. 

Shake it off! Listen to those Swifties this time! If your coverup has some tassels, give them a little shake! They will be perfectly straight in no-time.

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